The best in the world satin stitch embroidered pictures

We propose you to see the unique pictures, which do not have any analogues in the world. All presented pictures are handmade and embroidered by satin stich. Why these embroideries are so unique? The pictures are embroidered by silk sowings on virgin fabric without previous pattern. But how are they embroidered? Art experts assure that it is impossible to reduplicate these pictures. You can see unbelievable tridimensionality and literalism; shadows are depicted in the smallest details. Characters come to life in the pictures. People look at these embroideries like in window. Everyone, who has ever seen these pictures, is amazed, no one and nowhere have ever seen such embroideries. Many people ask: “who painted this”, and they can’t believe when look at pictures closer and find out that the pictures are embroidered. Experts affirm that these embroideries in silk are inimitable, and there is nothing in the world of the kind.

Creator of the pictures is the master of decorative and applied arts of Ukraine Bondareva E.S. The uniqueness of the presented pictures is also confirmed by thousands of reviews and awards received by the author during their exposure at exhibitions.
It should be also noted that the pictures took the first place at the First and Second All-Union exhibitions of decorative and applied art in Moscow.

“Lenin in Smolny”

  • 1960
  • The picture is embroidered with artistic satin stich
  • Size: 77×52 cm
  • Price: $2,000,000.00
The picture Lenin in Smolny

The picture “Lenin in Smolny” – from 1978 to 1982 was exhibited in the central museum of V.I. Lenin (Moscow). Visitors were amazed, examining it closely. From the first sight, no one could even assume that it is embroidered. People are thrilled; they look at embroidery like in a window. There is appalling three dimensionality, shadows from chairs on the floor are depicted in so many details. Just look at Lenin’s suit shirrs – they are so realistic. All these details create incredible accuracy of the picture.

In the words of senior scientist researcher of this museum Kapranova, swarms of people admiringly looked at this embroidery for hours and hours.

In the words of Otsup, a famous photographer in the USSR, who personally photographed Lenin, no one so clearly depicted the features of the leader as Bondareva made in her picture.

Many artists may even envy. Not everyone is able to accurately depict the face of a certain person, but no one is able to do it with a needle and thread.

“Princess Trakanova”

  • 1960
  • The picture is embroidered with artistic satin stitch
  • Size: 64×82 cm
  • Price: $2,000,000.00
The picture Princess Trakanova

The picture “Princess Tarakanova” displays the events of 1777. In the damp and dirty cell of the Peter and Paul Fortress, at the order of Catherine II, a young beautiful woman, a pretender to the Russian throne, Princess Tarakanova, was imprisoned. Embroidery clearly shows the atmosphere of confinement: rats and bare walls, an old bent bed with a pillow, from the holes of which the straw is seen, a table with a jug of water and a slice of stale bread. At this time on the Neva a flood is beginning, and now cold water is splashing from the window. Princess bed is already in the water. Princess in horror nailed to the wall in expectation of her death. The picture clearly shows the sufferings in her face. Embroidery clearly shows the effect of space. Shadows and all the other small details create a unique realism.

“Children Running from Thunderstorm”

  • 1964
  • The picture is embroidered with artistic satin stitch
  • Size: 50×75 cm
  • Price: $100,000.00
The picture Children running from thunderstorms

The picture “Children running from thunderstorms” depicts a girl, carrying her younger brother shoulder-high. They went to the forest for mushrooms, but suddenly the sky was covered with heavy dark clouds and a thunderstorm was starting. Children can hear thunder storms, and fear is read on their faces, they are hurrying home…


  • 1964
  • The picture is embroidered with artistic satin stitch
  • Size: 90×67 cm
  • Price: $100,000.00
The picture Pushkin

The embroidered picture depicts the Great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. He walks thoughtfully along the country path. Maybe in the very this moment the poet is going to create one of his famous works. Perhaps a new poem is forefront in his mind…

Reviews on pictures embroidered with satin stitch

Glory about embroideries: “Lenin in Smolny”, “Princess Tarakanova”, “Children Running from the Thunderstorm”, “Pushkin” grew day by day. Pictures were exposed at exhibitions of decorative and applied arts of different scales – from town to All-union. The remarkable thing is that embroideries have always taken the first places.

Primarily the visitors of these exhibitions, viewing the pictures from far, believed they are painted. But when they came closer, saw the inscription “embroidery in artistic satin stitch”. People were shocked; nobody could believe that it was possible to embroider a picture in such an amazing way. There was always a crowd of admired people near these embroideries. They were talking about uniqueness and individuality of these pictures: “Are they really embroidered”, “Are these pictures – embroideries by satin stitch?”, “These embroideries are unique and singularity!”, “Are these pictures made only with the help of a needle and thread?’ etc. Museum workers were often aggrieved, that the visitors spend all the time near these embroideries, disregarding exhibit items of another masters.

Exhibition of pictures in European counties

Since these embroideries were already appreciated in the USSR, the question of a European tour was brewing – the whole world should see the pictures. And in 1979, on the ships of the Azov Shipping Company, the exhibition from Truskavets went off on a journey across the Mediterranean Sea to be exhibited in Europe. There were presented the following embroidered pictures: “Princess Tarakanova”, “Children Running from the Thunderstorm”, “Pushkin”. Embroidery was demonstrated at exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Spain. And here the success of the pictures was amazing. According to Fedotov, the head of the organizational department of the Azov Shipping Company, $5 million was offered for the picture “Princess Tarakanov” in Egypt. Moreover, the potential buyer liked this picture so much that, having received a refusal, he flew to Italy specifically to buy it (since at that moment the exhibition was already in Italy) and he still begged to sell. But, taking into account the specifics of those times (in the USSR such sales were not encouraged), we refused.

Today in the world there are so many embroideries, made in different techniques. But among them special attention should be paid to embroidery by artistic satin stitch, as cross-stitch, in the opinion of many experts, is more of a job, and less of an art. For the cross-stitch technique, a certain standard is used: it is enough to mark the canvas with a pattern and sew the cells with standard stitches. But embroidery by artistic satin stitch is unique decorative and applied arts that need creativity and non-faithful talent of the master, and there are no specific standards.

Many people ask: how much work, patience and time must be spent to create one such embroidered picture? Of course, it took a good deal of time. To embroider pictures “Princess Tarakanova” and “Lenin in Smolny” Bondareva spent about 7 years for each. To embroider pictures “Pushkin” and “Children running from the Thunderstorm” – about 4 years for each. We can only imagine how much patience is needed to perform such a work. But this is not the main thing! The actual question is whether someone will be able to repeat or do something similar? Experts in this area assert – this is impossible!

Unique embroidered pictures

The uniqueness of these embroidered pictures is also proved by the fact, that Bondareva embroidered all her works on virgin fabric without previous pattern. But there is more! There is neither nature, nor animals, nor birds, nor landscapes on these embroideries. There are people, moreover famous historical characters – Lenin, princess Tarakanova, Pushkin. Experts are sure, that to embroider people in satin stitch in such a way, that they are look like people is difficult, but to depict them so look like specific personalities is a practical impossibility.

Professionals are confident that there are no such embroideries anywhere else in the world. Just look at Lenin – he is almost alive in the picture, and it seems that he is gonna stand up and walk. How accurately the features of the leader are depicted here, it is clear that he was thinking about something. Even Otsup, a famous photographer in the USSR who personally photographed Lenin in Smolny’s office, argued that no one could so accurately depict the features of the leader as he had embroidered by Bondareva. This is out of question: even professional artists are unlikely to be able to paint in so many details, but nobody will be able to embroider so precisely. Everybody admires this embroidery: art historians, ordinary people, professional embroiderers and people who cannot embroider.

There is only one conclusion – these are truly the best satin stitch embroidered pictures in the world. To embroider in such a way is almost impossible! How could Bondareva succeed to make such an art is a big mystery. Perhaps, this is because the art of embroidery was her lifework.
In recent time Bondareva lived in Truskavets. She presented her embroidery at the exhibitions in the Palace of Culture named after T.Shevchenko. Pictures continued to amaze and delight thousands of new people. Many people said that if naftusya would not help with the treatment, it was still worth coming to Truskavets just to see such fantastic embroideries.

The price of the whole collection of embroidered pictures is $4,000,000.00

We offer cooperation to whom it may concern. An individual or entity, who will find a buyer for pictures, will be paid an amount of 10% from the amount of a sale. If it is necessary we conclude an agreement, guaranteeing the payment of promised fee in case of sale. We can also consider different cooperation offers.

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