Children running from thunderstorm

Embroidery “Children running from the thunderstorm” of Bondareva

  • 1964, picture embroidered in artistic silk stitch
  • Size: 50×75 cm.
  • Creator: Bondareva E.S. (1923-1997)
  • Price: $100,000.00
Embroidery Children running from the thunderstorm of Bondareva

The painting “Children running from the thunderstorm” of Makovskiy

  • 1872, oil on canvas
  • Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  • Creator: Makovskiy K.E. (1839-1915)
The painting Children running from the thunderstorm of Makovskiy

The embroidered picture accurately depicts the atmosphere of an approaching storm. Trees bend from waffs of strong winds. The sky clouded over dark clouds, and thunder is already thundering. The embroidery clearly shows that the children are very scared, especially the younger brother. He hugged his sister’s neck tightly and his face was filled with fear. They may have been in the forest, picked mushrooms and berries, but the sound of thunder frightened them, and they are hurrying home.

The price of embroidered picture “Children running from the thunderstorm” is $100,000.00

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