Lenin in Smolny

Embroidered picture “Lenin in Smolny”

  • 1960, artistic silk stitch embroidery
  • Size: 77×52 cm.
  • Creator: Bondareva E.S. (1923-1997)
  • Price: $2,000,000.00
Embroidered picture Lenin in Smolny

Brodskiy’s Picture “Lenin in Smolny”

  • 1930, oil on canvas
  • Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  • Creator: Brodskiy I.I. (1883-1939)
Brodskiy's Picture Lenin in Smolny

Inimitable embroidery in silk

Everyone, who has ever seen the picture of Bondareva “Lenin in Smolny”, did not believe their eyes. There were so many particoloured thoughts “Is it really possible?”, “How can one embroider in such a way?”, “How much time and patience is needed for this”. Many even think that the picture is painted, but when they come closer, they are surprised: “It is embroidered.” It is hard to believe and is difficult to imagine how much great pains it has taken. This is so for 7 years, day after day, this masterpiece was created with the help of only a needle and thread. The spectators are amazed: how it was possible to accurately depict the features of Lenin’s face, it seems that the leader will now stand up and walk. According to numerous reviews, Lenin on this embroidered picture is alive and will live forever. In the words of Otsup (a photographer who personally photographed Lenin), “No one so clearly depicted the leader’s face as Bondarev embroidered with a thread.” Incredible as it may seem, but the fact is that people look at the embroidered picture like in the window. The effect of space is really impressive. Even the most professional artists can envy such embroidery – incredible unbelievable tridimensionality and literalism, shadows – and all this is done with a needle and thread on a virgin canvas without any drawings. These pictures are unique, no one will ever do that, because it is impossible – everyone thinks so.
Embroidered picture “Lenin in Smolny” – is the masterpiece of world art.

“Lenin in Smolny” is a historical juncture

The embroidered picture depicts a historical juncture. A photo of V.I. Lenin (from which Brodskiy drew a picture, and Bondareva embroidered) is made by the famous photographer Otsup.

Lenin is portrayed in the small room of Smolny, where the decor of the room of the recent Noble Institute was preserved – seating furniture in strict white covers. Vladimir Ilyich sits at the round table. He is focused and tired of the tense, exhausting rhythm of the first days of October. His notebook is on his knees, and he quickly writes down abstracts or appeals to the nation or maybe the constitution of the new government.

The price of embroidered picture “Lenin in Smolny” is $2,000,000.00

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