Princess Tarakanova

Embroidered picture “Princess Tarakanova”

  • 1960, artistic silk stitch embroidery
  • Size: 64×82 cm.
  • Creator: Bondareva E.S. (1923-1997)
  • Price: $2,000,000.00
Embroidered picture Princess Tarakanova

“Princess Tarakanova” of Flavitskiy

  • 1864, oil on canvas
  • Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  • Creator: Flavitskiy K. (1830-1886)
Picture Princess Tarakanova of Flavitskiy

Inimitable embroidery in silk

Looking at this picture no one could believe it is embroidered: as all the shadows and the effect of space are so accurately displayed here, Princess Tarakanova is as alive; one can clearly see suffering and pain in her face. Indeed, Flavitskiy correctly reflected the situation of the imprisonment of that time (1777, the reign of Catherine II). But Bondareva could repeat this with a needle and thread. It is difficult to imagine how much time and pain it took. For a long time, with the help of artistic silk stitch, details were revived on the virgin canvas. This embroidery took about 7 years of work. It is the hardest work, and what is more it is unique. Experts say: there were not any analogues in the world, and probably never will be.

Description of embroidered picture “Princess Tarakanova”

In the damp and dirty cell of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the pretender to the Russian throne, the daughter of Elizaveta Petrovna and Kirill Razumovskiy, Princess Tarakanova, is suffering. Her only fault is that she does not refuse to belong to the royal blood and does not like Catherine II, who is out of all relation to the Russian dynasty. But Queen Catherine II does not want to believe that the princess is an honest challenger, she believes that the prisoner is an impostor who only hides behind the name of the princess. And for this the princess must pay, being in prison. The embroidered picture very finely depicts the details of the prison of that time: there is a jug of water and a piece of stale bread on the table, the room is so damp that the plaster from the walls falls off, there are bare bricks, the princess’s bed is old with age, the pillow has many holes and straw is visible from them. One can see suffering and pain in the princess’ face, as she realizes that her end will come very soon. But at the same time, it is clear that she did not crack up. The princess is proud of her name, and she never admits that she is an impostress, it is better to die a heroine than be free and carry the stigma of lies for all her life.
But the situation becomes more complicated: a flood begins on the Neva. And now the water is splashing from the window. The princess’s bed is already in the water, the rats, trying to escape, climb onto the bed.
But, despite the torment, the princess does not want forgiveness. Yes, she will have to die, but to leave her mark in history as unbroken heroine is more important.

The embroidered picture “Princess Tarakanova” clearly depicts the feelings of the prisoner, her heartache and the situation as a whole.

The price of embroidered picture “Princess Tarakanova” is $2,000,000.00

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