Embroidered picture "Children running away from thunderstorm" - Bondareva or Makovskiy!

"Children running away from thunderstorm"
     1964, silk thread, the artistic smoothness
     size of the picture: 50x75 centimeters
     Author: Bondareva E. (1923-1997)
  "Children running away from thunderstorm"
     1872 ., linen, oil
Tretyakov gallery, Moscow
Author: Makovskiy K. (1839-1915)

Left - picture Children running away from thunderstorm, embroidered by silk thread by artistic smoothness.
Right - Makovskiy picture, which is located in The Tretyakov gallery.
On the embroidered picture is accurately transmitted the atmosphere moving of thunderstorm. Violent vegetation bends from the impulses of high wind. Sky begins to involve dark thunderstorm clouds, suffices cloudy, probably already it thunders thunder. It is distinctly evident to the embroidries that the children are strongly frightened, especially junior brother. It strongly embraced the neck of sister and its face overfilled by fear. Possibly, they were in the scaffolding, were gathered fungi and berries, but the sound of thunder frightened them, and they hurry home.

Embroidered picture "Children runnig away from thunderstorm"   Children who run away from thunderstorm  

Truskavets city
Leonid Verbovskiy
Design: Valet
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