Embroideries by Bondareva

Glory about the embroideries: Lenin in the Smolny, Princess Tarakanova, Children, who run from the thunderstorm, Pushkin it is tall with each day. Pictures were exposed on the exhibitions of the decorative-applied art of different scales - from the urban to the All-Union. And these embroideries always occupied only first places.

"Lenin in Smolny"
     embroidery by silk by artistic smoothness
     size of the picture: 77x52 centimeters

In essence the visitors of these exhibitions, examining pictures from a distance, considered that they were drawn. But when they approached nearer, they saw for each of them the inscription: the embroidry by silk by artistic smoothness. This shocked people, no one could believe, what so possible to embroider. The crowd of the enraptured people was always located near these embroideries. The conversations about the uniqueness and the nonrepeatability of these pictures constantly conducted among them: Really they are embroidered, these pictures - the embroidry by artistic smoothness, these embroideries - are unique, these pictures are made only with the aid of the needle and the thread, etc The colleagues of museums frequently even offended, that the visitors carry out always near these embroideries, ignoring the exhibits of other masters. Many also were interested, how much left time to the embroidering of one such picture. To the embroidry of pictures Princess Tarakanova and Lenin in the Smolny went about 7 years for each. To the embroidry of pictures Pushkin and Children, who run from the thunderstorm - approximately on 4 years. It is possible to only visualize, how much patience is necessary to accomplish this work. ! But main is not this! Main that that so to embroider no one will be able never

Embroidery "Lenin in Smolny"

Today in the world there are many different embroideries, executed by different technicians. But among them special attention they deserve the embroidry by artistic smoothness, since the embroidry by the small cross, in the opinion of many specialists, these are not the skill, this simply work. The specific standard is used for the embroidry by cross: it suffices to mark fabric by figure and to sew cells by standard stitches. The embroidry by smoothness - this skill, which is needed creation, here there are no specific standards.

About the uniqueness of these embroideries also speaks the fact that Bondaryeva embroidered all his works on the unmarked by figure fabric. But this yet not all. On these embroideries not nature, not beasts, not bird, not views. On the pictures - people, moreover known historical personalities - Lenin, princess Tarakanova - aspirant to the Russian throne of the times of the administration of Ekaterinas II, Pushkin. Experts are confident, what to embroider by the smoothness of people (so that they they would be similar to the people) - this is already complicated, but so that they still would be similar on concrete personalities - this is practically impossible. Specialists are assured that such embroideries more there is nowhere in the world. Will look on Lenin - on the picture it as if living, is created impression, which now will arise and it will go. How are accurately transmitted the features of face of leader it is apparent that above something it thought on the embroidry. Even [Otsup] - well-known in the USSR photographer, who personally photographed Lenin in the office of Smolny, asserted that no one so accurately could depict the feature of face of leader, as it embroidered Bondaryev. This is indisputable: more accurately even professional artists hardly can draw, but so embroider Almost all note that at the embroidry you regard into the window, the staggering 3-dimensional nature is observed, very thinly and are accurately represented shadows of the armchairs on the floor. But as are correctly represented the folds of the suit of Lenin and armchairs. All these components create the improbable accuracy of picture. All are enraptured by this embroidry: and art critics and simple people, and professional painter and people, which do not know how to embroider.
About the embroidry Princess Tarakanova it is possible to say also the very. The atmosphere of the imprisonment is depicted on the picture: dirty damp room with the rats and the naked walls, the old bent bed of princess with the pillow, from holes of which be seen the straw, table with the jug of water and the coca of dry bread. And its apogee - flood in the Neva. To the embroideries is distinctly visible the suffering and pain on the person of princess, fear from being approached death. The effect of space is created on the picture, the arrangement of objects in the camera is clearly evident which is further, and which is nearer. Shadows and all the remaining fine details create unique realism. Conclusion is one - so cannot be embroidered by smoothness! As this was possible to make Bondareva - this is large riddle. Possibly because for it the skill of embroidry was its entire life.

    "Princess Tarakanova"
     embroidery by silk by artistic smoothness
     size of the picture: 64x82 centimeters
    Embroidery "Princess Tarakanova"

Recently Bondaryeva vein in Truskavtse. It presented its embroideries in the exhibitions in "The Palace of culture by Shevchenko". Pictures continued to astonish and to gladden thousands of new people. Many spoke: even if naphtha it does not help in the treatment, then nevertheless it was worthwhile to arrive into Truskavets only for this reason seeing of such embroideries.


Truskavets city
Leonid Verbovskiy
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