The best in the world embroidered pictures!

We propose to you to see the unique embroidered pictures, which do not have analogs in the world. Represented pictures - handmade work and embroidered in satin-stitch. What does consist the uniqueness of these embroideries? Pictures embroidered by silk threads on the unmarked by figure leaves. But as they are embroidered? Art critics assure: these work cannot be repeated. Improbable 3-dimensional nature and realism is observed on the embroideries, very thinly and are accurately transmitted shadows. The characters revive on the pictures, at these embroideries the people regard into the window. All, who saw these pictures - were struck, no one and nowhere in the world saw similar embroideries. They ask many: “who painting”, and they do not believe to their eyes, when examining near, they see, that the pictures are embroidered. Experts assert: these needle-works by silk are unique, there is nothing similar in the world and it will not be.

Author of pictures - master of the crafts of the Ukraine Bondaryeva E.S. The uniqueness of the represented embroidered pictures confirm also thousand opinions and many rewards, obtained by the author in the period of their exhibition on the exhibitions.

In the 50's of picture the first place at the first and second All-Union exhibitions of crafts in Moscow was occupied.

    "Lenin in Smolny"
     picture embroidered by silk in satin-stitch
     size of the picture: 77x52 centimeters
Lenin in Smolny

Picture “Lenin in Smolny” - since 1978. until 1982. was exposed in the central museum V.I.Lenin (Moscow). Visitors were in the enthusiasm, examining picture. At first glance no one could even to assume that it it was embroidered. According to the senior scientific worker of this museum of Kapranova, the entire crowds of people with the large admiration by hours stayed near this work. According to Otsup, known in the USSR the photographer, who personally photographed Lenin, no one so accurately transmitted the feature of face of leader, as this it made Bondaryeva on its embroidered picture. Many artists can even envy to this, not all succeed in with the accuracy reflecting face of certain personality, but making this with the aid of the needle and for threads accurately no one it will succeed.

"Princess Tarakanova"
     picture embroidered by silk in satin-stitch
     size of the picture: 64x82 centimeters

Since in the USSR these embroidered pictures were already evaluated on the merit, ripened a question about the European tour - world must see these pictures. And in 1979 in the vessels of Azov sea steam navigation the exhibition from Truskavets left for the journey through the Mediterranean for the exhibition in the countries of Europe. The embroidered pictures were represented on the exhibition: “Princess Tarakanova”, “children, who run from the thunderstorm”, “Pushkin”. embroideries were demonstrated on the exhibitions in Greece, in Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Spain. And here the success of pictures was staggering. According to the chief of the organization section of Azov sea steam navigation Fedotov, for the picture “princess Tarakanova” in Egypt was proposed sum $5 of mln. Moreover this embroidered picture was so pleased to potential buyer that after obtaining failure, it specially after it arrived flying to Italy (since at this moment the exhibition was found already in Italy) and entreated everything after all to sell. But, taking into account the specific character of those times (in the USSR such sales they were not encouraged), we answered by failure.

On the picture “Princess Tarakanova” are represented the events of 1777. In the damp and dirty camera of Petropavlovsk fortress on the order of Ekaterinas II are sharpened the young beautiful woman, aspirant to the Russian throne, who put outs herself for princess Tarakanova. At this time flood begins in the Neva and here already cold water lashes from the window. Bed of princess already in the water. Princess, in the horror after being forced against wall, that this is end, by it not to survive, and sufferings on its face are distinctly visible on the picture.

Princess Tarakanova    
"Children who run from the thunderstorm"
     picture embroidered by silk in satin-stitch
     size of the picture: 50x75 centimeters
     picture embroidered in satin-stitch
     size of the picture: 90x67 centimeters
Children who run from the thunderstorm  

On the picture “Children who run from the thunderstorm” children run away from thunderstorm. Rural girl with her brother on the arms runs along the brittle bridge, moved across the creek. Wind tattered its hair. It hurries to be covered itself and to hide brother from the thunderstorm.

Apparently, children walked into the forest after the fungi or the berries - in the hands in girl basket. It can be, they already was sent home, when begin thunderstorm. Probably, to the village still far, but hereabout there is no shelter whatever, where it would be possible to hide and to wait out shower. But thunderstorm all approaches. Sky is tightened by the gray thunderstorm clouds, from which any minute now will begin to pour the rain. And it promises to be strong: there is not one opening before the sky, not one small beam of the sun. Cold wind the oppression of grass pierces right through light shirt.


It is noticeable on the picture, as girl cautiously it looks at the sky: perhaps, she saw the sparkling lightning or heard reelings of thunder. In its eyes anxiety. Indeed it is terrible and it is dangerous to prove to be in the open field at the heighth of thunderstorm. However, more it fear for its junior brother, for which it in answer. Boy is entirely small. The being approached flashes and frightening thunder reelings even more greatly frighten it. He, perhaps, and does not know also what is thunderstorm is and than it can be dangerous. But to it it is very terrible. Indeed all around became so dark. But he feels: her sister will save him.

They ask many: how much labor, patience and time did leave in order to make one such embroidered picture? Of time left, of course, much. To the embroidry by each of the pictures “Lenin in Smolny” and “Princess Tarakanova” were spent about 7 years. But crying problem - will be able this someone to repeat or to make something analogous? Specialists in this region assert - this is impossible.

The Price of the entire collection of the embroidered pictures is not less than $1 million.

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Truskavets city
Leonid Verbovskiy
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