Embroidery "Lenin in Smolny" - Bondaryeva or Brodskiy?

"Lenin in Smolny"
     1960, silk thread, the artistic smoothness
     size of the picture: 77x52 centimeters
     Author: Bondareva E. (1923-1997)
  "Lenin in Smolny"
     1930, linen, oil
      Tretyakov gallery, Moscow
     Author: Brodskiy I. (1883-1939)
Embroidery Lenin in Smolny
Lenin in Smolny  

Left - picture Lenin in the Smolny, embroidered by silk thread by artistic smoothness.
Right - Brodskiy picture, which is located in The Tretyakov gallery.

Unique embroidry by the silk

All, who saw the picture of Bondareva Lenin in the Smolny, did not believe to its eyes. The different thoughts sounded: Really this is possible, as so is possible to embroider, how much for this is necessary patience and time. Many even think that the picture is drawn, but when they approach nearer, they be surprised: It is embroidered. Actually it does not believe, it is complicated to visualize, how much labor in this is inserted. This so for a period of 7 years day after the day with the aid of only needle and thread was created this masterpiece. Spectators in the enthusiasm: as it was possible so accurately to transmit the features of Lenin's face, is created impression, that the leader now will rise and will go. Lenin it is living on the numerous opinions on the embroidered picture and it will live always. According to Otsup (photographer, whom it personally photographed Lenin), no one so accurately depicted face of leader, as Bondaryeva it embroidered by thread. It is improbable, but fact - at the embroidered picture they regard into the window. The effect of space impresses. This embroidry can envy even the most professional occupational artists - improbable 3-dimensional nature and realism, shadow - and all this is made needle and thread on the clean fabric without any figures. This is unique, no one so will make never, because this is impossible - so is counted everything.
The embroidered picture Lenin in the Smolny - this is the masterpiece of world art.

Lenin in Smolny - historical moment

Historical moment is depicted on the embroidered picture. Photograph of Lenin (with which Brodskiy sketched picture, and Bondaryev it embroidered it is conducted by famous photographer Otsup.

Lenin it is depicted in the small room of Smolny, where the situation of the room of that been still was preserved here recently Nobiliary institute - soft furniture in strict white cases. Vladimir Ilyich sits in the round table. It is concentrated and tired stressed, by the harassing rhythm of the first days of October. On the elbows its notebook, where it will rapidly bring in perhaps the theses of report or appeal to the people, there can be, the decree of new authority.


Truskavets city
Leonid Verbovskiy
Design: Valet
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