Embroidery "Princess Tarakanova" - Bondareva or Flavitskiy?

"Princess Tarakanova"
     1960, silk thread, the artistic smoothness
     size of the picture: 64x82 centimeters
     Author: Bondareva E. (1923-1997)
  "Princess Tarakanova"
     1864, linen, oil is
     Tretyakov gallery, Moscow
      Author: Flavitskiy K.(1830-1886)
Embroidery Princess Tarakanova   Princess Tarakanova

Left - picture Princess Tarakanova, embroidered by silk thread by artistic smoothness.
Right - princess Tarakanova, by Flavitskiy, which is located in The Tretyakov gallery.

Unique embroidery by silk

Looking at this picture no one it can believe, that it is embroidered: as are correctly here represented shadows and effect of space, princess Tarakanova as living, in its face the suffering and pain is distinctly visible. Actually, Flavitskiy very correctly reflected the situation of the imprisonment of that time (1777 g., the administration of Ekaterinas II). But Bondaryeva could exactly this repeat with the aid of the needle and the thread. It is complicated to visualize, how much for this was required by time. The components revived on the duration of long time with the aid of the artistic smoothness and the silk thread on the not marked by figure fabric. To this embroidry left about 7 years. These are the most complex labor, and is main - unique. Experts assert: there were no analogs in the world, no and it will not be.

Description of the embroidered picture "Princess Tarakanova"

In the damp and dirty camera of Petropavlovsk fortress suffers the aspirant to the Russian throne - the daughter of Elizabeth Petrovna and Cyril Razumovskiy princess Tarakanova. Its fault only in the fact that it does not reject the belonging with the tsarist blood and this does not please itself Ekaterina II, who has to the Russian dynasty of no relation.
But tsarina Ekaterina II does not want to believe that princess honest aspirant, she considers that Tarakanova is impostor, who is only covered by the name of princess. And princess must pay for this, being in the imprisonment. The components of the prison of that time are very thinly represented on the embroidered picture: and the piece of dry bread, the room such damp that the plastering from the walls pushes off and are visible naked bricks, the bed of princess from the old age was bent on the table - jug with the water, pillow in the holes and from them was visible straw. In the person of princess the suffering and pain are visible, she understands, that soon by it will arrive the end. But it is at the same time evident that it was not broken. Princess is proud of her name, and she never recognizes that she impostor, is better to die by heroine how will be freed and entire life to bear on itself the mark of lie. But situation is complicated: the flood begins in the Neva. And here already water lashes from the window. The bed of princess already in the water, rat, attempting to rescue, come to the bed.
But, in spite of torture, princess does not want forgiveness. Yes to it it is necessary to die, but to enter into the history by heroine it is more preferable.
The embroidered picture Princess Tarakanova clearly reflects the state of woman, its mental suffering and situation as a whole.


Truskavets city
Leonid Verbovskiy
Design: Valet
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